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Our sailing concept

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If the boat has a good course to the wind, sailing is fun.

Going on a course with a destination harbour can be a torture against wind and weather. On our trips we don't have to be in a certain time in a certain harbour.

We allow the weather to change our destinations. We sail with the wind and the weather and not against them. We use the power of nature, and most of the time the wind is on our side. We have a lot of surprises and fun while sailing, because our ways are not spot-pointed.

We decide together about the daily destination. We prefer scenic fishing ports and anchor places and keep clear of marinas with hundreds of boats and chip cards for the toilet.

Segeln und Mitsegeln auch für Anfänger an der Algarve in Portugal

Segeln und Navigieren lernen an der Algarve All daily jobs like shopping, cooking, cleaning etc. are done together. No age limits, mixed groups, old, young, femal, male are the best.

Children are welcome, we had positive experiences.

Sailing knowledge is not necessary but welcome. We can all learn from each other. That gives us new inspirations.

The boat was planed and built for functinallity, all weather conditions and useful technic.

Medusa is not a show piece, white shoes are not necessary. We think it is not neccessary to waiste 200 ltr fresh water daily for cleaning the deck from the salt.
Segeln und Mitsegeln auch mit Kindern

The sailing area stretches from Cabo Vicente along the Algarve in Portugal to Spain and Gibraltar. The coast has many interresting spots with only limited tourism. There are many little harbours und natural bays for anchor and navigable rivers.

The prejudice that the atlantic is rough and dangerous is not allways true. In this area the weather is more predictable than in the mediteranian. The reason is the influence of the trade winds. The dominating wind direction is the northerly offshore. The wind conditions are more reliable than in the mediteranien where it is "calm or storm".

The trips begin and end mostly on the Algarve in Olhao near Faro. Faro has got an international airport with a lot of flights to the most european cities. Entrance or exit in other harbours are possible and no problem, because Faro has got a very good railway connection along the coast.

Die Algarve in Portugal

sailing - portugal - algarve - spain - atlantic - learning how to sail - sailing together - holiday